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Invoice Date 07/26/2019
Due Date 07/31/2019
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1 Analyzing Requirements and Setting Up Data Structure

-Gathering Data from Beem app IONIC version and working on integrating data flow in React Native
-Creating a Data flow similar to previous IONIC app that will be used in the React Native app
-Preparing Functions which will be useful in new app
-R&D for integration of functionality of app

1 REACT App Architecture

-Creating a new setup of react native app
-Creating app architecture which contains folder structure of app and required files.
-Added required libraries.
-Which would be required components that we will use in app
-Researching some libraries that we will have to be use in app
-Creating reusable functions that will be used in app and also functions that will help us in use of API flow.
-Created constant functions and variables for API flow
-Worked on Firebase functions to be used in app

1 REACT App Components

-Creating useful components which we will use which will be reused every time in app
-Creating dynamic functionality in components
-Created separate style sheets and structure of style for each component

1 App Containers

-Created screen layouts and integrated functions which will be used in app

1 Card Update Fix - Pool Lab

Per Paul's comment:

"When entering new cards, it holds every card multiple times and then it won’t allow to update card. I have to go in stripe and remove cards "


1 History Section Fix - Pool Lab

Fixed history section as history was not maintained in app properly as well is in Firebase and Stripe.

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